‘You can tell there is nothing synthetic in these candles, the aroma is completely pure and fills the room even when unlit. My favourite is Blend No 5, it’s like all the best scents of winter have been gathered together, each one complimenting the other so nothing dominates. The candles burn cleanly and seem to last forever.’


‘Grey’s candles are very special. She has a unique way with essential oils and the depth of fragrance she achieves is unlike any other candles I have tried. Beautifully packaged and a joy to unwrap they make perfect gifts, if you can bear to give them away!’


‘I was made a gift of a Grey’s candle for Christmas & it filled the house with the delicious aromas of clove and lemon. A good, long-lasting candle with delicate fragrances. No sickly, overpowering scents. The packaging is simple and elegant. This makes a wonderful present for someone, or for yourself!’


‘Grey’s candles are luxurious bliss. The exquisite blends of essential oils transcend other candles, which mostly use chemically manufactured scents today. They are the perfect gift with a difference. I’ve given one to all my friends – I believe everyone should have a “Grey’s” candle in their life. The aromas are deeply rich and superior like a perfect Italian cappuccino compared to an ordinary cup of instant!’